About the Director 11222181_10204633283528149_2337620047862264208_n

Kirsty Earley is a medical illustrator based in Glasgow. She graduated from the University of Glasgow with First Class Honours in Human Anatomy BSc in 2013, also receiving the William Hunter medal for distinction in systemic anatomy. In 2015, she received her MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy from the Glasgow School of Art.

With several years of experience in anatomy, Kirsty has conducted several research projects. Most recently, she has carried out research for the BBC and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and has been published in the International Academy of Technology, Education and Development’s annual conference journal for 2016.

Her work with the RCPSG involved digitising a set of historical medical instruments to be included in an interactive online learning module for the Open University. Former Library and Heritage Manager, Ms. Carol Parry, has given feedback on Kirsty’s work:

“Kirsty undertook an innovative MSc project at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.  Utilising the latest digitisation techniques she created 3D images of some of the items from the College’s historical medical instrument collection for the purposes of an online teaching module on medical history.  The images she produced (made difficult due to reflection from metal and glass) will aid students to understand and learn about the instruments in a dynamic and lifelike way.  It will almost be as if they were holding the instruments themselves.” 

This work very much inspired the mission of M3dvis Ltd., to make education and learning easier and more exciting.